Installing MyWay on Android

Installing MyWay is just a few simple steps:

  1. In Chrome open a new tab and go to: – and you should see the introduction screens
  2. Open the three dots menu at the top-right of your screen, and select “Add to Home screen”. You’ll get a message telling you it is adding MyWay to your home screen.
  3. Close the tab in Chrome, close Chrome, and find the MyWay icon on your phone.
  4. Open the MyWay app, and agree to sharing your location when prompted – you need to do this so the map works.

If you prefer, here’s a quick video showing you how to install MyWay on your Android phone:

Sign up to MyWay

  1. Click through the intro screens and press Get Started to sign up.
  2. You can either sign up with your Google account, or by entering an email address and password. If you choose the email+password way then we will email you a verification code which you’ll need to type in to complete sign up.

Once you are signed-up you will be in the MyWay app and you’ll see yourself as a dot on a map of Reading. You should also see on streets around the town centre and university there are little markers showing the level of people movement on the street. In the evening there will also be markers showing which streets are best lit.

Setting up MyWay to suit you

First, set your home address so the Take Me Home button will always direct you home from wherever you are:

Press Menu to change settings

Select Account and press the Set Home button

Type your Reading address and press Add Home

Next you might want to add a contact – maybe your mum – so MyWay can automatically send her an SMS to tell her you have got home safely:

Press Menu to change settings

Select Friends and press the Add Contacts button

Fill in the details and press Add Contact

And of course you might want to add your uni friends, so you can use the app to look out for each other. For safety, nobody can add you without your knowledge, so you need to do this together with your friend:

Both press Menu to change settings

Both select Friends and press Add Friend

One of you press Show QR Scanner and scan the other person’s QR code

You’re all set! You can see where your friends are on the map (if they let you), and they can see you (if you let them). Use the Location button on the map to hide or share your location with your friends.

Use the Take Me Home button on the map to get immediate walking or bus directions home, from wherever you are, or use the Where To? button to get directions to somewhere else. Remember, you can tick your contacts to send them an SMS when you’ve safely completed your journey.

If you see trouble or are worried…

If you spot something that you think other women should know about – a fight in town, or a creepy guy approaching women, then just press the red Report button. This will drop a pin on the map to mark where it happened and to warn others. You can fill in the details when you get home or somewhere safe.

Next to the Report button is a button to call the University security services emergency number if you need it.

What if I have questions or problems with the app?

On the Account tab is a button called Improve This App – please use it to tell us what problems you are experiencing or any suggestions you have for making the app better. We regularly review feedback and are keen to make sure the app works well for you.