Training and support


The technology used in IoT goes beyond the remit of the IT department and into the realm of the service delivery teams and even their customers. IT colleagues play an important role, but it may well be staff in the Street Cleaning team or Adult Social Care who regularly interact with the technology.

Thingitude trainers are experts at demystifying the Internet of Things for people who consider themselves non-technical. Good training removes barriers and leads to much better adoption of new technology.

Delegates of mixed technical ability
Delegates of mixed technical ability learning together

Equally we are very comfortable deep-diving into the bits and bytes of every technical aspect of an IoT solution – whether it is encryption and data security, configuring gateways and sensors, integration with existing IT systems, or installing and managing the network infrastructure.

Support services

We also offer a support helpdesk and a range of services, from providing ad hoc technical support to your IT team, to configuring your gateways and sensors, and monitoring your network infrastructure.

Not all internal IT teams have the capacity and necessary equipment (eg cherry pickers) to install and maintain the network equipment themselves, and it isn’t something we can practically do for our clients. One of our key principles is to grow and develop local partners. We can find, train and support local IoT installers in your region, or we can train and support one of your trusted contractors.