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    To get us started in this topic I am asking the question that I was recently asked in connection with me encouraging a friend to consider supporting TTN in his town.

    I started by introducing The Things Network and highlighting their ‘community’ area and supporting sections. He diligently visited and read up on ‘being an initiator’ but was concerned about taking on responsibilities and commitments.

    My first step for Wokingham was indeed signing up as an initiator. I have not had people flood to become contributors, but do have some good contacts via ConnectTVT, Reading Geek and Reading Hackspace.

    I have been waiting for the TTN GW to become available, thinking it would be a more attractive and easier to deploy gateway than the Multitech we have used in Reading, but that has been delayed.

    In the meantime I have been using The Merl project to evaluate sensor nodes for schools and allotment monitoring and control. I have found it more demanding of time than I expected, but it is providing good data on creating a ecosystem and the steps involved.

    So I guess the first question is ‘What is the first step?’ and if it is ‘Signup up or create a local TTN community’ then what will be expected of either a ‘contributor’ or ‘initiator’ and how should one prepare?


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