About Thingitude

Thingitude develops and supports community-led innovation in the Internet of Things.

We are proud to offer LoRaWAN networks to public sector organisations through Digital Marketplace.
We also offer Internet of Things workshops, starter kits, support and project services to suit your needs.

If we leave the Smart Cities agenda in the hands of the big IT firms then cities and towns will get what the big IT firms want to offer, and we’ll have “cookie cutter” copies of smart cities everywhere. But Birmingham is not Brighton, Cardiff is not Carlisle – each place has its own identity which needs to be respected, and its own challenges which need to be met. We firmly believe that businesses and residents should influence how “Smart City” and internet of things technology is used in their town.

That’s why we created Thingitude. By running hands-on workshops for businesses, schools, community groups we introduce people to the potential of the Internet of Things and how they might benefit. We develop and deliver proof of concept projects that test and demonstrate that their ideas are viable, and help them make it a reality.

We are interested in bottom-up, rather than top-down innovation. Both are valuable of course and they complement each other. It’s just our way is less risky, less costly, and much more fun!

Mark and Mike from Thingitude

We started out as a community group with the goal of creating a free to use wireless data network in Reading so that people living and working in Reading could build and connect “things” to the internet.

We are part of a global movement called The Things Network, which has an exciting mission to create a global, crowd-sourced, open wireless data network for the Internet of Things.

We like its community spirit and the fact that it is free to use – so no paying big telecoms companies to use the Internet of Things!

For the past 2 years Thingitude has been recognised as one of the Thames Valley’s 50 Game Changers for its work with the Internet of Things in and around the Reading area.

We firmly believe that IoT should be for everyone and actively try to ensure that our events are welcoming to all people – not just middle aged white guys!