Thingitude acts as a trusted guide to the UK public sector and Local Authorities who are exploring the potential of smart city technology. By openly sharing our knowledge, skills and experience, we support and enable our clients to make a positive impact – on how effectively towns and cities are run, and also on the well-being of the people who live and work there.

The true measure of success for a smart city is the extent to which the whole community is thriving.

Let us help you deliver technology solutions that benefit the residents, community groups, and cultural and commercial ecosystem in your region.

Welcome to Thingitude

As long standing evangelists for the Internet of Things and smart city technology, it is our mission to help our public sector clients deliver smart solutions that make a positive difference to peoples’ lives and the way towns and cities are run. Our guiding principles are:

Smart technology is not as mysterious as others would have you believe. If knowledge is power then let us empower you!

However much we love geeking out over technology (and we do!) – we only want to use it where it truly is for the benefit of communities.

By growing a network of local experts to install and maintain your smart technology, we lower our carbon footprint and help your local economy.

How we help


We are here for you, whether you need occasional expert advice, or a safe pair of hands on whom you can rely to give your project the drive and focus it needs to succeed in delivering its promised benefits.

Often our initial engagement is to help a CIO or Transformation programme manager communicate the concepts and potential of IoT to the leadership team, with real-life examples of how other Local Authorities are using it.

4 professionals in conversation

Training and support

Two women showing their first IoT devices

The technology used in IoT goes beyond the remit of the IT department and into the realm of the service delivery teams and even their customers.

We offer a full range of training for IT and service delivery colleagues, and a number of support services to help make managing the network that much easier.


We don’t just talk a good talk – we deliver solutions too. For example in North Wales we created a Digital Playground for an agricultural college complete with a range of sensors and a highly engaging and playful app to grab the attention of local farmers and businesses.

We also develop packaged solutions for use cases which aren’t already met by the market, or if the market offerings fall short of our expectations.

LoRaWAN gateway in a rural setting

Community outreach

We love educating the public about IoT so they can have a say in the smart city agenda where they live, and we want to ensure the next generation of IoT superstars are more diverse and inclusive, creating better technology solutions that work for everybody.

Artists and Data workshop
Artists and Data workshop

We have helped entrepreneurs, artists, students and a wide variety of community groups learn about and take advantage of IoT.

The Things Network

We are recognised as UK ambassador for The Things Network, and we co-organise The Things Conference UK – an annual 2-day conference and workshop programme.


Improving student safety – an open discussion

We want to get students involved in the conversation around improving student safety. They are the experts in when they feel unsafe and what might help students feel safer when they are out at night with friends or on their own. Crowd-sourcing ideas feels like a good approach, so we are hosting a conversation for …

New version of MyWay student safety app goes live

TL;DR – feedback from students has been built into the new version of MyWay. Key changes include the ability to report incidents of drink spiking, and a more intuituve and faster user experience. Our student safety app (MyWay) has been co-designed with groups of women students from the University of Reading over the past 3 …

Reading Hydro is officially open!

Many congratulations to the incredible team at Reading Hydro: their amazing project to generate renewable energy from the River Thames in Reading has been officially opened! I have been a supporter and pioneer investor in this project and am delighted to see it come to fruition. It has been a phenomenal community effort to bring …