COVID mask store

One of the plus points – in fact the only plus point of having all our projects put on hold by COVID lockdown was that we could respond quickly to requests for help.

Back in April 2020 Alex Gibson was busily making face visors for NHS staff so they can work safely with COVID-19 patients. He asked if I could help him monitor the environmental conditions and security of their storage – part of the audit trail to show they’ve been made and kept in safe conditions.

In just 2 days we put a bespoke monitoring/alert #iot solution together and installed it this afternoon. It uses the #smartberks #lorawan network based on The Things Network

It felt good to do be able to do something useful, however small. Alex is a total legend, putting in 16 hour shifts and keeping a room full of 3d printers working. Reading is lucky to have him and the rest of the team working to keep our NHS staff safe. 💪

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