Two Years on in Wales

In this time of restricted movement I was cheered to see this recent tweet in my feed. With Fresher’s Week at many Universities highlighting the start of a very different year for students in the UK, it brought back memories of our trips to North Wales where we met the staff and students at this fascinating and innovative college.

We ran presentations & workshops on LoRaWAN® and applications using The Things Network. The enthusiasm of all attendees, both from the college, and Welsh authorities was impressive. Teaching at the college takes place through the Welsh language, though they welcomed us, even with Mark presenting through his native Dorset. The college has extensive grounds and runs as a model farm giving the students practical skills as they manage cattle, pig, forestry and crop units for profit and sustainability.

On our first trip, day two had to be abandoned due to heavy snow causing the college to close for several days, a surprise for us all given the time of year. Completing the event later, saw sensors deployed in the piggery and elsewhere. They have continued to develop ideas around the value of long range low power wireless sensing connected to the unique visual dashboard created by Mark and two students from UTC Reading.

We are looking forward to being able to return to such in person events, though next years The Things Conference will be an extended virtual one.