Game Changers!

Mike and I were absolutely delighted to pick up a 50 Game Changers award last week for our work with IoT in the Thames Valley region!
Here’s our grinning faces:

This is as cool and good looking as we get!

The party was a lot of fun, and a good excuse to hang out in the super swanky new co-working space, Fora. More importantly it was a chance to meet up with other game changers in the Thames Valley and pick up a few tips from those who are a few steps ahead of us, like Rhian and James from Osokey who were both generous and inspiring.

Thames Valley tech startups and small businesses owe a great deal to Louize Clarke and Matt Bovey from ConnectTVT who are tireless in their efforts to develop the local startup scene and encourage geeks and entrepreneurs to talk to each other. Louize has been incredibly supportive to us from day one, and I know loads of other small businesses feel as grateful as we do. Without ConnectTVT bringing us all together the Thames Valley would be as quiet and grey as the corporate giants that haunt our business parks.

This is the second year in a row that we have won the award, which makes it feel doubly great and it would be fantastic to get a hat-trick. Next year is going to be a big year and we expect to see The Things Network coverage right across the county with a thriving community of SMEs working on some exciting “smart” use cases. Onwards!

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