Things Connected innovation programme

Since last summer I’ve been helping Digital Catapult with their Things Connected programme – an intervention to encourage UK business to learn about LPWAN technology and how it can work for their organisation.

In the last quarter of 2017 I organised and ran an innovation programme for small businesses working on LPWAN solutions for social housing and independent living use cases. These are two areas that councils believe have potential to benefit from the Internet of Things, and LPWAN in particular.

The programme culminated in an innovation showcase where our cohort could pitch and demonstrate their offerings to local authorities, housing associations, care homes and charities. Here’s the highlights video:

Some of our cohort were traveling down to London from Cumbria and Wales to work with potential clients. Others were a stone’s throw from the office. A couple of our experts were already in our building, some I brought in from Yorkshire and the Netherlands – it was important that everyone involved felt they got good value for the time they put in.

Feedback has been very positive and plans are underway for the next innovation programme. Keep an eye on the Catapult’s Open Calls page for announcements in the next few weeks.

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