We are hiring students this summer!

Two years ago we ran a very successful project over the summer holidays with 4 students from UTC Reading. This summer I’m pleased to say we have another opportunity, and are looking to find 2-3 students to work with us in Reading for 2 days/week over the summer holidays. We will pay you – it is proper work!

Our previous team(left to right): Kieron Cardall, Simon Light, Sam Kimbinyi, Tom Helyer

We have a couple of exciting IoT projects to deliver for clients, and we want to talk to you if you are a student with web programming experience who can show us something you’ve done, ideally using one or more of:

  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • React (or Phaser)

You get bonus points if:

  • you’ve written something with a 2.5d (isometric grid) perspective
  • you have done anything interesting with the Internet of Things and sensors
  • you have UX design skills

Even if you have none of that but have some web front or back-end programming experience, are friendly, enthusiastic, good at solving problems and a quick learner then please get in touch – we like working with fun people!

You’ll be a full member of the team, and your opinion will count. We can offer you:

  • 2 days a week, paid above minimum wage
  • Work on an internet of things project for one of our clients
  • References for university or work

If you are interested in working with us then please email me your CV/personal statement and links to some of your work. I’ll arrange for us to meet in the next couple of weeks and tell you more about the project and see how we get on. We will start work after your exams are finished – so this won’t be a distraction.

Things Connected innovation programme

Since last summer I’ve been helping Digital Catapult with their Things Connected programme – an intervention to encourage UK business to learn about LPWAN technology and how it can work for their organisation.

In the last quarter of 2017 I organised and ran an innovation programme for small businesses working on LPWAN solutions for social housing and independent living use cases. These are two areas that councils believe have potential to benefit from the Internet of Things, and LPWAN in particular. Continue reading “Things Connected innovation programme”

LoRaWAN goes mobile

Multitech LoRaWAN gateway on a mobile mast and the Long Range VAN

I would like to introduce you to my new mobile LoRaWAN setup, which lives in my LongRangeVAN.
Pictured here is a Multitech LoRaWAN gateway on a 6m telescopic mast. The gateway is powered over ethernet (PoE) so it just needs the one cable. It can connect to the Internet using the same cable, or using an M2M SIM card if there is no wired connection available. Continue reading “LoRaWAN goes mobile”

LoRaWAN for Microbit – the verdict

Many thanks to all of you who took part in our survey, it has been very helpful. Apologies to those who had problems with the survey towards the end of the week – not sure why it started playing up.

I had intended to share the survey results but “free” Survey Monkey has some limitations and annoyingly exporting the results is one of them.

Nevertheless here’s a summary. I have excluded a few responses – A.Penguin from Antartica was a favourite Continue reading “LoRaWAN for Microbit – the verdict”

Who wants a LoRaWAN shield for the micro:bit?

Last year our friend Richard Ibbotson designed a LoRaWAN shield for the BBC micro:bit and they have been used in several experiments and projects since then, including a great project at the Museum of English Rural Life (the MERL) monitoring the impact of environmental conditions on the growth of sugar beet!

Richard’s shield is a popular conversation piece at various meetups and demonstrations. His write-up on hackaday has been read well over 11,000 times and has attracted interest from several organisations.

The shield features include: Continue reading “Who wants a LoRaWAN shield for the micro:bit?”