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About Thingitude

Thingitude is a non-profit organisation established to promote, support and develop community-led open source Internet of Things projects. We believe a great deal of Smart City innovation and value will come from a bottom-up community-led approach to complement the top-down consultancy-led approach.  We also believe in Smart Towns, Smart Villages, and Smart Countryside!

We offer:

  • Help, guidance and materials to help anyone starting and running IoT projects, including practical assistance with funding applications
  • An online community of individuals, teams and businesses working on IoT projects, eager to help and learn from each other
  • Technology support network
  • Library of open source designs for IoT devices and software
  • Real-life events: talks, workshops, meetups

We are funded by:

  • Regular and one-off contributions from people and organisations that support our aims
  • Grants from various funding organisations
  • Fees from events, such as workshops
  • Sale of kits we have built from our community projects.  For example a Thingitude LoraWAN starter kit

We also offer access to “for profit” IoT professional services delivered by organisations in our network – project management, technical consultancy, prototype design, executive coaching and training.

We love working with...